Who are we?

BRANK SPORTS is a french brand of premium quality accessories for Cross-Training and Fitness athletes.
My name is Olivier and I’m the founder of BRANK SPORTS. After many years playing basketball, I discovered Crossfit in 2014 when I joined an affiliate box. Until that moment I did not really know the cross-training environment,  neither Fitness one. I was then impressed by the existing community behind these conditionning activities and even more impressed by the strong values most of people adhere to.
The taste of physical effort, the willing to explore its own limits in order to continuously develop our potential are the values I really believe in.
All of us is experiencing some events in life that remind us we are not here forever.

Like other people, one of these events allowed me to ask myself the right questions. It helps me to (re)control my own destiny by combining passion and work. As I was intensively practicing Crossfit, I quickly understood how to do it. You will probably share the observation I made as it is basically shared by a lot of fitness athletes.
It is quite difficult for a cross-trainer to find premium quality products, at an affordable price, with a short delivery time. And I’m not talking about the after-sales service which is most often just non-existent.
This observation is the reason for which BRANK SPORTS was created. Our mission is to offer that combo. To allow athletes whatever their level, stop making a choice between quality and price. To offer reliable and durable equipments for a regular progression whatever your level.
Our pride is to allow most of you to make progress and realize your potential with our products. By doing this we contribute to improve your health and to push your limits at every single workout.

BRANK SPORTS in 3 numbers


Our main focus is to make our customers satisfied. Our customer service is listenning and fully devoted.
Our VIP Club members can enjoy many advantages and discounts.


We select best quality materials to manufacture our products. We work with different sports coaches from different horizons in order to continuously improve our products.
We are therefore very comfortable in offering a guarantee with all our products.


This is our average delivery time. We have a partnership with Amazon to manage our shipments across the whole Europe.
You must surround yourself with the best global team.

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